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Dear Diary, Dara and Caitlyn do some penis-rubbing dance moves in the new video: Dick to Dick Dirty Dancing. These two beauties sexily dance together with their dongs swinging free. Their cocks teasingly bounce off each other as they grind their bodies together and wiggle their asses! After a while they get closer, stare into each others eyes and sensually kiss as they slow dance. They lube up their wieners, stack them together and do a simultaneous double stroke! They lustfully look into the camera and tongue each other while continuing to jerk off! Caitlyn unloads her sperm all over Dara as she does a sexy ass-dance! They get down on the floor and play in the cum puddles before slapping their jizz covered dicks together some more!

Dear Diary, finally a futa threesome! This new set entitled: Three Lusting Dickgirlies, includes Porsha, Janeen, and a new girl: Abby Armshlong, a busty blonde bombshell with a marvelous boner! When I got these girls together I didn't have to do much. They were so hot for each other they lustfully got it on with out me giving them any direction! The frenzied action involves lots of kissing, sucking, fucking and a bukkakesque ending!

Dear Diary, Shannon forces herself on Felicia in the new video: Hard On the Job Harassment. Felicia is trying to get her work assignment done on time when her boss Shannon walks in and reprimands her for mistakes she made. Felicia gets startled when her boss starts grabbing her tits and cock. Felicia denies the advances but gets wrestled down to floor where Shannon humps and sucks her! After a while Felicia gives in and busts her nut all over herself! Shannon then makes Felicia jerk and suck her off till she cums all over her tits!

Dear Diary, I'd like to introduce our new dick-girl, Wendy Wang. She's got some meat on her bones and a thick meaty boner that can cum buckets! In the new set: Asian Girl with Giant Dong, Wendy shows off what her huge dick can do!

Dear Diary, Porsha and Bianca drain each others balls and bladders in the new video: Hookers Drenched in Piss & Cum. Besides being Futa models Porsha and Bianca try to make some extra money walking the street as whores. Standing in an alley they yell out trying to get business but they have no luck. Porsha has to take a leak and ends up pissing in her pants! Bianca has to pee to and pisses all over Porsha. They pee all over each other, drenching their clothes in full view as cars pass by. They fill up a huge bucket and play in their piss bath. They splash, drink and spit urine before pouring the rest all over each other! They get back home frustrated that they didn't bust a nut, so they jerk off and suck cock viciously until they blast their massive loads all over each others slutty faces! Then they lustfully make out and scoop more cum off the ground to decorate their bodies with. Finally they grab each others hair and use it to mop up floor!

Dear Diary, Caitlyn and Dara hump their cocks in new set: Dick to Dick Dirty Dancing. Their giant schlongs get slapped and stroked together as their romantic slow dance turns hot and horny!


Dear Diary, Natalie and Maritza are getting it on again in the new video: Rainbow Sluts. This time these girlies are looking hot costumed colorful with giant cocks! After they make out Maritza fondles and strokes Natalie's penis. They rub their dick heads together and Natalie tit-fucks herself while Maritza jerks off! Maritza takes her turn fucking Natalie's cleavage and smacking her juggs! They lube up their dicks and beat-off together. They take turns bending over to get dick spanked in ass and nuts. They tug their junk and ram it into each other's ass crack. Their cocks are too big to penetrate, but it still looks hot! They cum together while jerking their touching sausages and rub the jizz all over their legs!


Dear Diary, Natalie and Maritza are school girls getting naughty in detention in their new video: School Girls with Schlongs. They talk and giggle together as they play with their engorged cocks. They turn to each other and slap their dicks together which turns into a full on swordfight! They lick their dick heads and jerk off each other's lubed up boners! Maritza shoots her wad on Natalie's dick like mustard on a hotdog. Natalie blasts a huge stream across the room and uses Maritza's cum as lube to stroke her giant dick! They finish by rubbing their cummy cocks together!

Dear Diary, Felicia and Shannon get horny at the office in the new set: Hard On the Job Harassment. Shannon gropes Felicia's throbbing erection in her pants, which leads to Felicia sucking all the cum out of Shannon's swollen nuts!

Dear Diary, Nikki gets off with her giant nipples and colossal cock in the new video: Cock Tease with Cow Udders. Her huge nipples wobble and her flaccid snake flops around as she plays with her body. Suddenly she notices you watching and gets excited. She flirts with you and teases with all her body parts. She tells you come closer, so you get underneath her schlong and she swings it in your face! On the bed, she sucks and jerks off her cock while stroking her nipples! She rubs her dick against her nipples and starts lactating and shooting cum at the same time! Covered in milk and jizz she caresses herself and shakes off her fluids, as you lay underneath her!

Dear Diary, Porsha and Bianca play in their own bodily juices in the new set: Hookers Drenched in Piss & Cum. These beautiful whores look even more lovely glistening in urine and glazed in hot jizz. They pee on each other then skull-fuck till they bust epic loads all over their slutty faces! This one is hot and depraved!

Dear Diary, Caitlyn and Janeen fuck an apple pie together in the new video: Messy Pie Fucking Pensises. The video starts out with Caitlyn sexily smoking two cigarettes at once. She puffs and lustfully stares at the camera. Then Janeen joins her for a wobbling big penis walk. They sit down and start feeding each other apple pie. Use their cocks as spoons, licking up pie chunks off their dick heads. Things start getting really messy when two horny nymphs sink their cocks into the pie and fuck it at the same time! They rub apple pie all over their cocks and stroke themselves furious until they blast cum all other each other! In the end the stand over the camera and shake their dicks!

Dear Diary, I've updated two new sets with Maritza & Natalie: School Girls with Schlongs and Rainbow Sluts with Rods. These two gorgeous dickgirls know how to look sexy in any costume and have a horny time posing and playing with each other!

Dear Diary, Felicia fucks and sucks Stefani in the new video: Cum Drunk Sailor Sluts. At the local bar the girls giggle and flirt with each other while they down shots and chug beer. Felicia's dick pitches a tent in her skirt and Stefani's erect sausage pokes out of her pants. In no time they are kissing and rubbing their cocks together. Stefani pours beer in Felicia's ass crack. Felicia gives head while pouring beer all over Stefani's dick. Felicia gets her nut-sack licked and slaps her penis in Stefani's mouth. Stefani spreads her legs and Felicia fucks her while sucking her cock at the same time! Felicia rams her doggy style and Stefani strokes herself! Felicia cums in a beer mug and the two sluts drink jizz and spit it on each other's boners. They tongue each other with cum in their mouths and slap their jizzy dicks together playfully!

Dear Diary, Nikki is back with her huge floppy tits in the new set: Cock Tease with Cow Udders. Nikki has so many parts to tease and play with! She milks her dick and tits, making a cummy mess in bed!

Dear Diary, Porsha and Bianca cum buckets in bed, in the new video: Secret Sex Sleepover. Porsha spends the night with Bianca and they secretly have a horny time exploring their penises! Seconds after I say goodnight and leave the room these two nymphos jump in bed and take out their hard cocks to rub and smack them together playfully. After sucking some dick they get in a 69 position. Porsha jerks and sucks Bianca till she shoots her wad. They taste cum and kiss with it in their mouths. Bianca bones Porsha doggy style then missionary. Porsha strokes herself while being fucked and her dick erupts like a geyser! They scissor each other and jerk their sausages together frantically while they both unload the remaining jizz in their nuts!

Also I updated all the photo galleries with slide show style, easy navigation! Much better for uninterrupted masturbation!

Dear Diary, Caitlyn and Janeen make a mess of a pie with their dicks in the new set: Messy Pie Fucking Penises. After licking the delicious desert off each others schlongs they plunge their cocks into the pie and give it a cum filling!

Dear Diary, Janeen and Stefani tit-fuck their massive boobs in the video: Hard Dicks Fucking Huge Tits. Stefani immediately drops down and sucks Janeen's meat pole, feasting on it like a giant sausage! Janeen returns the favor slurping down Stefani's cock! Janeen thrusts her hard lance into Stefani's cleavage. Stefani straddles Janeen and pumps her juggs on her hard cock! Milk shoots across the room and cum oozes from Janeen's robust shaft! They smear the love juice over their titties giving them a glistening sheen. Stefani vigorously rams her dick into Janeen's rack! Janeen unloads her nut nectar all over Stefani's fun bags! Stefani's is left jerking off and rubbing her cum covered tits!

Dear Diary, In the new set: Cum Drunk Sailor Sluts, Felicia and Stefani are sailors with major blue balls from being out at sea too long. So after drinking some booze it doesn't take long before they're fucking like crazy! Then they drink semen from a mug and take cum shots together!


Dear Diary, Dara and Caitlyn get off kissing and sucking each other in the new video: Cock Sucking Love Bugs. Dara starts off by swinging and wagging her weiner in your face. When Caitlyn shows up they get right into a long heavy kissing session while they play with each others tits and dicks! They push their penises and boobs together and continue making-out! Then the girls take turns licking and sucking each others cocks. Caitlyn goes wild on Dara's meat pole, sucking it down with passion! They stroke their cocks together till they bust a huge load, and make a cum giant puddle. Dara scoops some cum off the floor, smears it all over Caitlyns tits and sucks her jizz covered nipples!

Dear Diary, Porsha and Bianca have a night full of penis pleasure in the new set: Secret Sex Sleepover. These two young horny dickgirls explore each others bodies, jerking, sucking and fucking for the first time together! Long sexy legs and hard erect girl cocks!

Dear Diary, Nikki milks her cock on the job in the new video: Draining a Huge Long Pipe. Nikki works in customer service at the Johnson Pipe Company. She has a customer call in that has a clogged pipe. While she describes in detail how to clean their pipes, she starts playing with her own throbbing pipe that bulges in her nylons! She's so horny that she rips her penis out of her stockings! She lubes up her long floppy snake and strokes the entire length with both hands! She stuffs the long sausage in her mouth and sucks it vigorously! She jerks off her wobbling meat tower until it erupts with thick wads of semen! After she's finished she sits in her cum puddles and plays with her cum! She puts her jizz glistening cock back in her nylons to get back to work!

Dear Diary, Dara and Caitlyn go crazy, kissing and sucking each other in the new set: Cock Sucking Love Bugs. These two female insects fall in love and impulsively suck all the nectar out each other's blooming penises!

Dear Diary, Porsha feasts on her cum in the new video: Hot Delicious Cum Picnic! Her little hard pecker wobbles around as she walks to the park. Sitting down she spreads her legs and her dick stands erect! She stares at the camera and lustfully eats strawberries, licks whip cream and sucks hot dogs! She plays with a hot dog rubbing it against her own wiener. Then she vigorously jerks off and cums hard, blasting arcs of jizz across the lawn! She continues cumming for a long time and drenches her food in it! She even fills up a cup and a plate with her spunk! Then the real meal starts. She devours the cum covered strawberries and licks the cum off the hot dog. She drinks cum from her cup and opens her mouth wide showing that she swallowed it all! She licks cum off her plate and pours the rest in her mouth and all over her body!

Dear Diary, What's better than a hot chick with a hard throbbing dick and huge milk-squirting knockers? How about two of them! Stefani and Janeen are both hypertrophied sex creatures that are addicted to sex! They suck dick and fuck cleavage in the new set: Hard Dicks Fucking Huge Tits!

Dear Diary, Felicia and Shannon have lots of fun with their cum spurting cocks in the new video: Gal Pals Playing with Penis. The girls strut around sexily outside and grope each other. They take their cocks out to shake, wag and bounce in your face. Then they take a long piss and giggle as they cross their pee-streams! Inside they make out on the couch and stroking their dicks in their shorts! They tell you to join them and stroke your cock too! They undress, play with each others tits, dicks and continue to verbally tease you every step of the way. Felicia gives really sloppy head with lots of spit before tit-fucking Shannon's wobbly jugs! Then they jerk each other off, rub dick-heads till they start shooting their loads! At one point they're so orgasmic that they cum without using their hands! Then they both have a second orgasm with some hard frottage dick rubbing and shoot cum on each others hard cocks!

Dear Diary, Nikki plays with her giant cock in the office in the new set: Draining a Huge Long Pipe. She should be working, but she can't keep her hands of her huge fun snake that's throbbing in her white nylons!

Dear Diary, Caitlyn and Stefani make each other cum like crazy in the new video: Horny Dicks in Denim. They start off talking about how their big dicks don't fit in their pants, which leads them curiously groping cocks through their jeans. They scoot closer and dry hump their dicks together. They take turns tonguing and mouthing their cocks through their pants. This only frustrates Stefani, so she takes out Caitlyn's penis to lick, jerk and suck it for real. Caitlyn busts her load and Stefani licks her dick clean. Then the two girlies have some fun sword fighting and rubbing they glistening cocks together. Stefani spreads her legs and asks to be fucked! Caitlyn eagerly squeezes her huge monster cock in Stefani and fucks her hard till she blasts streams of love juice in the air!

Dear Diary, Introducing my newest dickgirl Porsha Peckerhard! She has an ultra sexy bod and a deviant, sex-crazed mind. Don't be fooled by her cute little penis, it's a monster in action and can blast cum for miles!

In the new set: Hot Delicious Cum Picnic, Porsha shoots her cum all over some food, onto a plate and into a cup and eats it for lunch! Also tons of pics of her posing and showing off that delectable cock of hers!


Dear Diary, Felicia captures and rapes Rachel in the new video: Corrupting a Cunt with a Cock. Rachel walks into Felicia's lair wanting to use the phone but when Felicia sees the Rachel's hot virgin ass, she has different plans. She ties her up and sucks her cock, telling her it will make her feel better. Then she bends her over, whips and spanks her ass, and uses a vibrator on her cunt while she licks her nut sack! Felicia forces Rachel to suck her cock before plunging her dick into Felicia's tight twat. Rachel squeals loudly as Felicia fucks her pussy and then cums all over her pretty pink dress!

Dear Diary, Shannon and Felicia pair up in tight shorts that show off their hard bulges, in the new set: Gal Pals Playing with Penis. These two really know how to have fun with their girly cocks: sucking, frotting, jerking, kissing, tit-fucking, posing sexy and even pissing!

Dear Diary, Nikki jerks and sucks off her phallic body parts in the new video: Nipplicious Dick Goddess. Every step and movement makes Nikki's nipples jiggle and her cock wiggle. She walks around, showing off her oversized body parts and even jumps up and down to make them wobble even more! Back inside she asks if you want to jack-off with her! She teases you playing with her dick and tits while she talks sexy and flirts with you! She lubes up her cock, strokes it hard with both hands and tit-fucks her crotch-snake! She even sucks her dick and jerks-off her nipples at the same time! Her pleasure pole shoots thick streams of jizz and her nipples squirt warm milk!

Dear Diary, Caitlyn and Stefani go at it again in the new set: Horny Dicks in Denim. When these two nymphos get together even thick jeans can't contain their throbbing cocks! Caitlyn fucks Stefani with her monster meat!


Dear Diary, Dara drains her nuts, covering her face in spunk in the new video: Super Spewing Cum Princess. Dara has bulging balls and a super-stiff rod that is aching to unload! She strokes and sucks herself off eagerly and before long her meat stick is erupting like a volcano! She blasts cum all over her face and even swallows! She rubs her hard-on over her face smearing her baby-batter! For the finale, she lies on her back, beats-off and spews even more, completely drenching her face with a dripping cum mask!

Dear Diary, Felcia takes advantage of sweet innocent Rachel in the new set: Corrupting a Cunt with a Cock. Felcia is a horny bitch in heat that force fucks her hard dick in Rachel pretty mouth and pussy!


Dear Diary, in the new video: Hard Cock Tease Humiliation, Caitlyn and Stefani play with their erect dicks while they tease and laugh at your small penis! The two girls are busy groping each others bodies when they suddenly realize you are watching! They make fun of your tiny dick and continue lustfully touching and kissing each other. They quickly get raging hard-ons and rub their boners together. They shake their giant shafts in your face and take turns sucking dicks. Then they jack each other off and tell you to jack your small cock off with them! They take turns cumming on each others faces! Then invite you to play in their cum puddle with them!

Dear Diary, Nikki returns with huge sausage nipples that compliment her massive penis in the new set: Nipplicious Dick Goddess. Nikki plays and teases with her phallic body parts till her wieners are spurting!


Dear Diary, Shannon and Felicia wake up horny and hard in the new video: Pitching Tents in Pajamas. They cuddle and kiss with their morning wood protruding in their pj's. Felicia can't resist jiggling Shannon's jugs. The two girls have a sexy swordfight, playfully rubbing and swinging their cocks together as they giggle and moan! Then they take turns giving each other intense blow jobs with lots of spitting and deep throating. Felicia rides Shannon's boner before tit-fucking her and blasting tons of cum all over her wobbling tits!

Dear Diary, Dara gives herself a bedtime bukakke in: Super Spewing Cum Princess. She looks so pretty with her tiara and glitter makeup until her stiff dick covers her face in sticky love juice!


Dear Diary, Janeen milks her huge tits and eats loads of her own cum in the new video: Frenzied Fem Full of Milk & Cum. Having tits and a dick so big makes Janeen one sex crazed girl. She thrusts her junk and plays with her massive hooters. She tit-fucks her jugs and jerks-off hard! Soon her tits are lactating everywhere and her cock is oozing cum! She scoops up handfuls of cum and swallows as much as she can while grunting and moaning feverishly! She's so hot for her own jizz that she cums in a cup and pours it all over her face! In the end Janeen stands covered in her own fluids, shaking her hard dick!

Dear Diary, Caitlyn and Stefani team up to tease you with their huge erections in the new set: Hard Cock Tease Humiliation. These two dickgirls get rock hard in their nylons, make out, rub cocks, suck dick, and cum on each others faces!


Dear Diary, Dara fucks Bianca and blasts cum all over her morning snack in the video: Office Sluts Glazing Donuts. Dara brings Ms. Bonesworth her daily box of donuts but they're not glazed. Bianca gets infuriated and orders Dara to suck her dick! Bianca notices Dara's trouser snake and strokes it through her pants. Dara takes her dick out and Bianca blows her. Bianca bends over and orders Dara to fuck her. After a long fuck session, Dara splatters jizz on the donuts while Bianca licks it up! Then they munch on them together!

Dear Diary, a milfy new model Shannon Shaftin joins Felicia in the new set: Pitching Tents in Pajamas. The two can't resist playing with each others protruding morning wood and Felicia can't keep her hands of Shannon's big tits!


Dear Diary, Nikki plays with her giant meat pipe in: Huge Hard-On for the Prom. She waits for her date, pacing back and forth with her crotch serpent buldging up in her prom dress. After her date doesn't show up, she begins talking to and kissing her penis. She rolls around on the floor embracing it, stroking it, and saying endearing things to it like, "I love you penis!" She takes out her titties, rubbing and jiggling them with her dick. After some good tit-fucking she gets a huge raging boner. She cums buckets and jizzes on her face and tits!

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